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Who am I? Well I'm a 25 year old girl, who lives in Toronto Canada (Eh !) Eats, sleeps & breaths Fashion. Doesn't need a reason or excuse to dress up because everyday is a reason to look Fab. A Banker by day and Fashionista by night. Started a blog to share her wardrobe ... ok maybe also uses it as an excuse to shop more (can you blame me ;) ) A shoe & jewelry hoarder I like to call  my self a shoe & jewelry collector better yet a connoisseur , it sounds fancier lol. I don't take my self  too serious, I live as much as I can, laugh as loud as I want, dance as crazy as I feel and make the greatest memories out of everything. So get on board and follow me along on my style journey.

Tash xo.

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  1. Hey Tash!
    My name is Debbie. I also live in Toronto (25 as well) and am always on the hunt for the latest styles and new pieces to add to my existing wardrobe (on a budget of course). I love getting new inspiration from Toronto bloggers and just happen to come across your blog. Hope to hear about some new stores and gems in the area!